Friday, July 9, 2010

time just flies

Time flies when you're busy, whether you're having fun or not!

It's been two no, three weeks since I posted. Unbelievable. So we've been getting used to our new little doggie for three whole weeks.

We settled on Cooper. Little Cooper Dooper. My Coop Dawg. Super Cooper. Or just plain Coop! He answers to all of them. LOL.

He doesn't hate us anymore. In fact, he has decided that he likes to sleep with us as much as he likes sleeping with the girls. So he takes turns.

He loves to walk on the leash. He can go out the side door into the fenced area to potty, but he hardly ever does that. He only goes out there to check on the squirrels and see if he can chase them up the tree. But if we go out the door and down the driveway, he's in heaven. His little head is up, his tail is up, and his ears are back with the wind. His little legs flash like scissors switching.

He eats the tiniest little bit--he's very cute. Still have the work...making sure he gets walked and fed and such, but oh, he warms my heart. ♥ ♥

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Becky K. said...

Cool name!!!

Glad he is settling in. He sounds like a bit of a challenge but it will be worth it.

Becky K.