Thursday, November 11, 2010

small comforts

It's been an unseasonably warm November so far, but I think that's all about to change. The weather people are predicting we'll get our first snow tomorrow night. It's time, I guess. Time to close things up for the season. Papa got the yard cleaned up, and even though I didn't get to help very much with that, there's something so very satisfying about that. All neat, tidied up, ready for the snow.

I took a couple days off recently when Papa went deer hunting up north with a couple of the boys. I planned to get some deep cleaning done and rearrange the nest a little bit. What are the odds of getting sick right at the time when I had already planned some time off??? I had about as much energy as a slug! Needless to say, I didn't get much accomplished.

Today, though, I had the day off for Veteran's Day, and I had a little bit more energy. I'm starting to feel a little better. So I did a few little things around the house today. First thing this morning, I made a fresh pot of coffee - there's nothing like Caribou's Costa Rica blend.

It's my honey's fault I've gotten so picky about my coffee. Coffee as fresh as possible, check. Grind it right before you brew, check. Use fresh filtered cold water, check. Grind it only so long, and no longer, pausing in the middle to keep it from overheating, check. Pour it into the cup right away, and put the rest into a thermos to keep it from cooking on the warmer plate, check. Sip, and savor, check check.

Little ChiChi man got to spend the day with me, so I knew I'd be at home most of the day. I made some fresh apple crisp and, some of Ina Garten's ginger cookies. They were okay, but I wish I would have made Karen's Dragon Snaps instead. I just didn't have enough molasses for both. But the surely smelled like fall in here today!

We took little Cooper for a walk down the street, and ChiChi and Cooper both loved it. Cooper got to bark and be all protective and bristly when a neighbor dog woofed at us to stay away. He's so funny. Here he is, all eight inches tall of him, and he's growling and scuffing his feet in the dirt like there's no tomorrow. He thinks he's a pit bull, I swear!

I made Shrimp Creole with rice for dinner, and now the dishes are nearly done and the kitchen's cleaned up. I just have to wash out my new Teavana teamaker. I got it from freecycle. For free, of course. I love, love, love freecycle! But have you seen those teamakers? You put your loose tea into the container, pour your boiling water in, and let it brew. When you're ready, you place it onto your cup, and the tea dispenses from the bottom of the container. I'm going to make some spiced plum tea to sip as I do my homework for class. Yumm!!

I'm such a homebody. I love having all my creature comforts here, and be able to just stay at home and putter. I put a load of wash going and realized how comforting the scent of the fabric softener was as it rolled up out of the washer.

I don't need much to make me happy. If my family is okay, and my honey's nearby, I'm good. I'm even better if the house is clean! :)

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Terry said...

Thank you from one happy home body to another :)
Happy Trails