Friday, December 3, 2010

softie is as softie does

I think I have a sticker posted across my forehead that everyone but me can see. It says , "I am a sap, a major softie", or perhaps it simply says "sucker!" I get a call from not one, but two of my kids the other day telling me about someone who is trying to find a new home for their little mini dachshund. What am I?! The queen of unwanted dachshunds?

I keep hearing this song in my head, sung to the tune of Na Na Na Na Boo, Boo. "Mama is a softie! Mama is a softieeee!" And I can't say much, because it's true.

We just adopted a new mini-dachshund, our mister Cooper, this last summer right after we had our little AugieDoggie put down, after we swore up and down we were having no new pets. After I firmly told Erica she couldn't have a dragon. And after I told Gail she couldn't have a dog while she was in college because she wouldn't be there to take care of it.

And now, I've spent a couple weeks fighting off Erica about her wish to get a puppy. She was obsessed with getting a Great Pyrenees/American bulldog mix puppy. Are you kidding me? Do you know how much that thing would EAT? No. No. No. Although when I looked at his picture, it was very tempting because he was so cute and cuddly looking. But no. One has to be strong about these things.

But I digress. Back to said little mini dachshund looking for a new home. We are going to look at him on Saturday. Do you hear the "take him home" hidden in that phrase, "going to look at him"? Oh, I am scared. Very scared we are going to end up with another dog because I'm already on this train.

I keep trying to tell myself that two dogs are more than twice as much work as one. One dog is perfect for us. One little eight-inch-tall dachshund already takes up a third of our bed all by himself. With two of them, where will that leave me? Last night, Cooper nearly pushed me over the edge of the bed because he was behind me, pushing on my back with his short little legs, and in my sleep-fogged brain, I thought he was being squished. Now my shoulder is stiff and sore from trying to balance on the edge of the mattress for half the night. And he was sprawled out with plenty of space, trust me. A veritable abundance of wide-open bed for that one.

We can handle one dog, but what about two? It's like bringing home another child. There will be tantrums, and puppy rivalry, and spats with the cats. Are we up for this? I have to wonder. But his cuteness is sucking me in, convincing me that he will be a wonderful little dog for us, thereby confirming the truth of the sticker on my forehead.


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Nezzy said...

Oh girl, your lay your eyes upon that cute little puppy face and you know you'll be a goner. There's just somethin' might forceful about puppy love!

God bless and have a beautiful day sweetie!!!