Friday, January 22, 2010

happy dance!

Yay! It’s Friday! Fun plans for the weekend anyone?

Here’s how mine might go…I don’t actually “make” plans, because it ends up being pointless. However, here’s how my weekend might go:

Sat: going to the art store with my hubby. Ignoring the ongoing three ten year remodeling project. Sewing curtains with a friend. Sleeping in. Watching a movie, maybe. I find it difficult to sit through an entire movie without getting up and wandering around. I get nervous if I’m not doing something productive.

Sun: Getting up fairly early so I can for sure fall asleep Sunday night. No naps. Watching the Vikings-New Orleans game, definitely! I’m a late season fan. I don’t care much if I watch them during the season, but when it gets to this stage, for sure. Maybe I just don’t like to be left out of the excitement.

And what does it mean when you have been at work for an hour before you realize that your shirt is on inside out? LOL!! And either no one else noticed, or they were too polite to say so!!

Yes. A button up shirt with a collar, no less. Good grief.

Hey. I know everyone’s busy, but if you are bored, you can watch a bear hibernate. Ha! No, that’s not a joke. Actually they think she’s about to give birth, and they don’t think anyone has ever seen that before. The North American Bear Center has a video camera in a bear den and you can find it on . I heard about it on NPR this morning on my way to work.

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, January 8, 2010

so much to talk about

January 8. 2010. A week into the new year.

Do you ever have so much swirling around in your head that you don't know where to start to talk about it all?

There is nothing vaguely interesting about what is going on in my brain, but I would like to sleep tonight, you know, so I just hafta get it from my head to the page.

1. Found a cool job to apply for, but I'm a little intimidated by the job description. Oh, well. I'm going to give it a shot anyway.

2. Erica's team lost the basketball game tonight--what a bummer. They got outplayed, plain and simple. They gave it a good try, though. High school basketball is so funny to watch. Sometimes I just sit up in the top row of the bleachers and laugh the whole time. Is that bad? Like when one of the players bounces the ball right off her own foot. Or when a player on the opposing team just turns around and passes the ball to one of our players. It's just funny.

3. I can't wait to work with Joomla tomorrow.

4. I'm happy that the girls are going to get together for Pearl's birthday tomorrow night and do something fun--they're taking the babies bowling. I have lots of fun doing nothing at home if I know my kids are out having fun together. Is that weird?

5. I'm loving listening to Selah's new CD. Amy Perry rocks.

6. I hate it when I get stuck on something at work and don't get as much done as I think I should. It makes me feel unproductive.

7. I feel bad for my Augie Doggie because he has such a hard time walking. My honey thinks he should make him some of those little wheels for his back end so he can roll around instead! But what would he do with his tail to keep it from getting caught in the spokes???

Let's see, it's the 8th today, so I'll put one more thing down and make it eight.

8. No sleeping in tomorrow. I have to get up and watch Jayden--little Afro man. He is SOOO cute! So I'll make some coffee and do my laundry and eat eggs for breakfast, which I never have time to make during the week. It'll be a good day.

Wow. What a buncha random trivia.

Oh! Yummmmm-o. My honey just made some freshly squeezed orange juice. That is to. die. for. What a way to end the day.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I think the most common thing people resolve to do for the New Year is lose weight. My coworker resolved to make the people around her laugh every day. That's not so common--I don't know if I've ever heard that one before.

I have one resolution: go to bed earlier! That's it. Just go to bed earlier. Because I think that will solve a bunch of my other problems, too, like not wanting to get up when my alarm goes running around trying to get things done in a hurry in the mornings and forgetting things...being late to work--I HATE that one...feeling rushed all the time...being tired all day get the gist.

Now if I throw in a little more exercise in there, that would just be a bonus. That would help with the tiredness and the weight. But I'm going to keep it simple. If I can focus on one thing, it will be easier for me to remember.

Anyone else have a New Year's resolution that they want to share?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

saturday night's all right with me

Aw, it's Saturday night already. Today was okay, but there's only one more day of the weekend. And it's still COLD!!

I worked on the calendar I made in an Archiver's class. I had to finish up November and December, and stick on all the numbers for each of the days of the months. Boy was that tedious. It took me most of the way through Sleepless in Seattle to get it done. And then, as I was looking at the sticker sheet to find any extra little doodley doos that I could add, I noticed a lone number 11 sitting on the top of one of the sheets. Not a 31 or a 30 that would have come from the end of a month. An 11.

The sinking feeling I got was right: I missed putting in the 11 way back in July, so every month after that was a day off. Yep. I had to peel off almost 180 stickers and restick them in the new spot, one day over. Aaauuugh!! It took me to the end of the movie to finish. So I sat for almost two hours putting stickers on. And then taking them off. And sticking them on again. Bleah.

Tomorrow, though, I'm looking forward to watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This is the house that our John got to help with. The shop he works at was responsible for putting in all the cabinets in the house. I'm excited to see the show. I doubt he'll be in it because he worked the overnight shift. They worked around the clock to get everything done. I'm pretty sure that it'll be online at after tomorrow, as well.

I think I will call it a day and go to bed...much earlier than I did last night. I was up until, oh, almost three. Yes, three A.M. I couldn't fall asleep. Maybe it didn't help to sleep in until noon on Friday, even though it was heavenly. My sleeping is all out of whack these days. I don't even dare take a nap on a Sunday afternoon, or I won't be able to fall asleep at night so I can get up and go to work on Monday morning. It stinks getting old.

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!!

I love a new year. The possibilities are endless. Fresh starts, clean sweeps with a new broom...all that jazz. Turn over a new leaf...I'm thinking about what new things I want to commit to this year.

In the meantime, it's the first day of the year! And here in frosty Minnesota, the year is coming in with a crash--did you hear the mercury? It fell and landed in a heap at the bottom of the thermometer. It's supposed to be twenty below tonight. It's already minus eleven degrees right now. And the wind chill warning said it is minus 25° to minus 35°. Yikes!

It's a perfect day to stay inside, which is what I did. All day. I've been working on "The Cookbook" -- a collection of our favorite recipes that we're putting together for the kids...the ones they always call us up and ask for. That was their Christmas present this year. Only the more I worked on it, the more things I thought of to put into it.

I just couldn't get it done by Christmas, so I'm still working on it. I wanted to put in little family stories, and now I thought of scanning old pictures of the kids and adding them in there, too. It sounds almost like a scrapbook, yes? I just can't get enough of it, I guess.

However, not only did I work on the cookbook, I also got the entire refrigerator cleaned out today. Old stuff thrown away, everything taken out and washed down...yes!! It feels so good to have that done. I open the fridge and look at everything sparkling back at me, and it's like the Calgon commercial...ahhh, take me away! It relaxes me and makes me smile. LOL. Yes, I am a dork, in case you hadn't figured that out. But it's okay. I like it.

I have one more thing to accomplish today. Fix Gee's sweatpants. She got them and the elastic on the waist was too tight, so I took it out. Now I have to put them back together with just the drawstring in the waist. Putsy stuff, so I've been putting it off.

And then, tomorrow, in the afternoon, I'm going to scrapbook my Christmas cards. You know how people always send cards that have pictures of their families on them, or they send snapshots of the kids? I like to make pages with them in a Christmas album. Christmas cards make me smile, too. I don't always get them sent fact this year I didn't send any. It was too hectic with school and finals and everything. I just didn't get to it. Maybe next year. I'll plan ahead. But I'll have fun looking at the cards again.

Marge and I had fun with her cards, though. I took pictures of her and of her pets, Odie and Garfield. So I got to have my Christmas photo fun vicariously. Odie had a cute little Santa suit on, and we tied a red ribbon around Garfield's neck. Marge wore my honey's Santa hat. Here's how they turned out:

And I've been thinking...maybe...just maybe, I might start out the new year and commit to not procrastinating so much. Do you hear the commitment there? Maybe...I might...ha! Little steps, you know? We don't want to shock the system.

And then, I might try to figure out why Blogger changes the line spacing after I put a photo in. Grrr!