Thursday, November 10, 2011


Daughters. I love having daughters. A typical exchange between she and I...late at night when the house gets quiet.

Me: ma chérie, will you please come get some pizza? your tea is probably 2 hot 2 drink right now anyway
Her:‎ Nope! Not gettin up! :p
Me:‎ git yer fanny out here!
Her:‎ No!
Me:‎ i'm gonna whup you, girl
Her:‎ Just bring it to me
Me):‎ did you drink any tea yet? it's probably cooled off now. mine is.
Her:‎ ... Stop
Her:‎ Brrrriiiiing meeeee piiiiiizzaaaaaa
Me:‎ I will not. I want to see your lovely smiling face out here.
Her:‎ Then I'll go to bed hungry
Me:‎ stop trying to make me feel guilty
Me:‎ I even picked out the pizza that didn't have mushrooms on it
Her:‎ Night mom
Me:‎ just come eat some. brat.
Me:‎ i will drag you out of the room kicking and screaming
Me:‎ do you want me to write about you on fb? Or better yet, my blog?

Ah, she knows how empty my threats are. I think she ate earlier, so I will let her "win". But I'm still going to write about her! It's part of the mother-daughter dance that we do every day.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm coming across all kinds of fun things online. I guess maybe that happens when I get buried in homework and don't come up for air. People keep creating things, and I feel like I'm going to miss something, but the upside of this is that there are that many more fun things to share now.

Enjoy! I did.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

frost on the pumpkin

It was just the other morning, it seems, when the first shades of green were showing in the grass, and the leaves were popping out with gusto everywhere. Spring wears a certain intense green, and it's one of my favorite colors.

I think I only blinked, and here all those lovely leaves are mostly crinkled up on the ground already. And this morning, they are dressed up in a crisp sugar-shell coating of frost, a prelude of the season to come. Brrr! It sends shivers up my spine just thinking of it.

It's so ironic that fall is my favorite season, since I know full well that it means winter is just around the corner. I do not enjoy winter much, unless I don't have to go outside. Then I can enjoy it through the window with a nice cup of hot cocoa, wearing my favorite slippers. Otherwise, I stiffen my back and clench my teeth against the cold, holding my breath until spring arrives again.

But why ruin a beautiful fall day thinking about winter? Just for today, I'll soak up the sunshine and enjoy watching the fat robins as they search for the last bits of food before they leave for the season. I'll have pumpkin pie for breakfast, made last night from a fresh sugar pumpkin my son picked out at the pumpkin patch. Aaah, fall, how I love you!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

a lotta vance perry

Have you seen any of Vance Perry's youTube videos? I just saw my first one today! He records these great acapella harmonies, only he is doing all the parts of the harmony. It's a little disconcerting at first to see the same face singing all the different parts, but you'll get used to it. I had a hard time picking out a favorite, but this was a good one to start with. This is just a short snippet of a song. Check it out!

If that was just barely enough to whet your appetite for the sound of barbershop quartet singing, here's another longer one you might like.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

would you like this dance?

So I'm a little behind in watching one of my favorite shows, Dancing With the Stars. I've had tons of homework to do, but I think this being behind business is typical for me even when I'm not busy, because I don't want to get too attached to any of the contestants until I have a good sense of who is sticking around.

It's kind of like when one of the kids has a new boyfriend or girlfriend. You don't get too attached until you know if they are going to be more than just a passing fancy. :) Because as sure as the sun will shine, no sooner do you start to really like this person, someone decides it's not going to work out, and there you go again! Moping around with your heart out there on your sleeve.

Of course, we don't meet most of them until the passing fancy stage is past anyway. The kids tend to keep them under wraps until they have made up their mind that this person is important enough to introduce to the family as an "other". That's my code word for anyone who is not yet a spouse (son-in-law or daughter-in-law). They are the "others". It covers a lot of ground and you don't have to do a lot of explaining. I'm just sayin'.

But anyway, I already have a favorite on DWTS who just sneaked in under my "not paying attention" defenses: JR Martinez. Have you paid attention? Not only did his story touch my little heart, he can dance!! Very cool.

In case you missed it, here is one little sample from a couple of weeks ago.

But then you have Chaz Bono, Ricki Lake, and Carson Kressley, too, and I just want them all to shine on the dance floor. Chaz will have to step it up a little, but I think he's up for it. We shall see!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

little scrapping fix

I stayed at Mel's house overnight to scrapbook and play with Wyatt, and got a few pages made on my calendar.

I'm happy that I got take out my toys and play...the pages are a bonus. :) My girls always laugh at me because I have more fun rearranging and organizing my tools and papers than I do actually scrapping. And it's true.

But I got a few pages done last night, and lots of snuggle time with little man.

Monday, June 27, 2011

baby love, Wyatt style

Little Mr. Wyatt came to visit me last night for a couple of hours. What a sweet baby boy he is...all of two months old, now. He was 10 pounds 8 oz when he was born. Little moosie.

Mama Mel wanted to get out and go to a movie with a friend, and I said I'd watch him. How else is a grammy to get her time with her little man? Boy, oh boy. I got nothing else done the entire time he was here.

First it was Feed, Burp, and Repeat till the bottle was gone. Then we played Change the Diaper. And I must be losing my touch because just as I was putting the clean diaper on, he peed on me! Oh, the memories! LOL. So, diaper number two. I rocked him for a few minutes, and he filled his diaper again. Diaper number three, and he hadn't been here more than an hour.

I got him changed and cleaned up, and just sat and rocked with him, and sang him a lovely little song that I used to sing to Mel when she was a baby. And all of a sudden it rushed over me, a sudden nostalgia for the days when the most important things I did were taking care of the little ones, and I realized how much I had enjoyed the simple feeling of confidence I had back then. When you're the mom, one thing is certain: there is no one better. It's a good feeling.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Time just flies when you're having fun. Or when you're in school and working. Wow. The older I get, the less I can juggle multiple balls in the air. The last time I posted, James was still in the AI competition, and MAD magazine cover boy had not yet won. Now it's all old news.

Dancing with the Stars is over, and I can almost remember who was on the show. There was that one actress, and that one football player...I could almost recycle the PbP every season. That's play by play, if you didn't know. PbP. One of my many acronyms I make up daily.

Saw my first 3-D movie, y'all. I was quite amazed when I saw this blue bird floating in front of my eyes in one of the previews. We took X to see the new Cars 2 movie, and it was in 3-D. Papa got the kid-sized glasses accidentally (when I handed them to him) and he couldn't get them to center over his eyes, since his head is so big. Well, I mean in comparison to a kid's head! Not that he has a big head. Aahahaha! You know what I mean. I know you do. So anyway, he went out to the car to wait because he got dizzy right away.

I think the whole 3-D thing got to Xavier, too, because he kept flipping the glasses up and down to see the movie with and without them. By the middle of the movie, he had had enough, and was laying across my lap telling me how tired he was. We left before it was over.

That's okay. I wanted to see Kung Fu Panda 2 anyway, not Cars 2. Although it was kind of funny. But I really love Po. I love when he puts his head up and says, "I love kung fuuuuu-u-u-u-u-u-u!" And Xavier laughs so much when he watches Po with his amazing facial expressions. I love that from-the-belly laugh he has. So now I have something to look forward to. Hopefully it's not in 3-D when I buy it.

And what is this about "recycling" your glasses after the movie? I know they're just going to take those glasses I just paid extra for, and repackage them for someone else again. I took mine with me, just because. Because I'm a rebel like that. We paid a crazy price to see a matinee movie...I'm KEEPING those overpriced glasses!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it's idol season again!!!!

Oh my oh my oh my...who do you vote for this Idol season? I am absolutely crazy about JAMES this year! I'm think I must be a closet rock freak or something. I don't even like metal, but whatever he sang tonight, I'll take some more of that! I hope everyone else is liking him as much as I am.

But then there is Jacob. That voice, my goodness! He's amazing. Sheer brilliance, a voice crafted by a genius God! And I love, love his character. Beautiful.

And then we have Casey. Casey, cool Casey. He just does his own thing, all the way to the extreme. He's quirky, crazy, and I would buy his music today.

And Lauren is my favorite girl, since Naima was eliminated. She had so much spirit and heart, but Lauren has been one of my favorites from the start.

Haley seems very shallow to me...she has the package, she flaunts it, she milks out that sex appeal thing as far as it will go. She does have a nice voice, but it's inconsistent at times, and I always feel like she's putting on a persona that she thinks people will like. She could go home tomorrow, and I wouldn't give a fig to see her again. For me, she's forgettable.

Now I know that all the Stefano and Scotty lovers will hate me for this, but they'll be fine without winning this, so they could go anytime, too. Sorry Charlie. No cigar for me.

Who's left? Oh, Paul. He's got that raspy Rod Stewart voice, and I'm sure he's a nice guy, but the last one standing? I very much doubt he'll be there. I do enjoy watching him perform...he looks like a giant leprecaun sometimes, the way he bounces around the stage. Mr. Happy.

I don't think there was a BAD singer in the top 12 this year, but I do think there are a few very good singers. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Starting a Micro-Business, For Teens

This is a great book! As I was going through it, I was thinking to myself that I wish I would have had this book when I was a teenager! There are so many good bits of information in here.

It's a well-thought out process, broken down into tiny mini steps, and lots of critical questions are listed as you go through it. These make you think about the little details that can suddenly turn into major obstacles very quickly if they are not addressed. There is lots of thinking outside the box going on here. It has even given me some food for thought!

With unemployment rates high, the teen population is finding it harder and harder to find work. Adults are competing for the same minimum wage jobs. But there’s an alternative—starting a micro business. What is a micro business? It is a very small, one-person business that you can start easily and quickly with what you already know or own. No money needed, low risk and no debt!

Students can spend as much time running a micro business as they wish and can even close it down during busy times. The best advantage for teens to own a micro business is that it not only brings in extra cash (often more than imagined), but students end up learning a great deal about business, money and themselves. It may lead to an entrepreneurial life or at the very least, prepare students for higher learning opportunities.

Starting a Micro Business will help teenagers earn money while learning how to start their own business. A micro business is simple to start, usually home-based, low risk, educational and easy for a busy student to run. This book offers ideas, a business plan, starting with no debt, pitfalls to avoid and resources to get a teenager started making money running their own micro business.

Carol Topp, CPA, advises teenage business owners though her Micro Business for Teens book series. Carol’s day job is accountant to business owners, and she enjoys teaching teenagers to succeed beyond their dreams. Students appreciate how she shares what they need to know in clear and helpful lessons. Her website is

Spring Cleaning: A Time For a Teenager to Make Money, by Carol Topp

Here are some ideas for a micro business a teenager can start this spring:

House cleaning: Offer to tackle large jobs like washing windows, moving furniture, etc. Many people are grateful for a young, strong teenager to help them with heavy lifting. What is easy for you might be very difficult for them, especially if they are an older person.

Routine house cleaning: Some customers need regular house cleaning and may hire you on a weekly or monthly basis. Don't wait for them to ask: offer to come weekly or twice a month and see what they say.

Attic cleaning: Offer to help people do a job that they put off, such as cleaning an attic.

Garage cleaning: A big job that can earn you big bucks!

Yard cleanup: Offer to trim bushes, pull weeds, plant flowers and spread mulch to spruce up a yard.

Car and van cleaning: People spend a lot of time in their automobiles and their cars and vans need frequent cleaning. Melissa gladly paid to get her van cleaned inside and out every week because her four children could really make a mess in it. You can make some cash by offering to clean a van inside and out.

Organize. Organize a house, playroom or garage. Charge the customer for any bins, tubs and labels that you purchase for them and then add on the value of your time. Take before and after photos to use on your advertising fliers.

Declutter: Do you love HGTV shows on organization? You might be able to find someone to hire you to declutter their house like you see on TV.

Garage sales: Advertise, organize and run a garage sale for your neighbors. Get several neighbors to participate together and really earn the bucks!

eBay sales: Offer to sell your neighbors' stuff on eBay and take a cut for yourself. Combine the decluttering, garage sale and eBay tasks into a full package to help your customers profit from their excess stuff. (This is an excerpt from Carol's article. Full article available at

Comment on this post before April 22 to get your name into a drawing for all four of Carol Topp's books shown below! It's that easy.

Monday, April 4, 2011

dream a little dream...

I have kids who do the strangest things in their sleep. I used to think they get it from their dad. LOL. Love to share the credit, there. He used to argue with people (who were awake) while he was sleeping, and he was very good at it. He could probably have convinced them that the sky was really green, not blue.

Anytime I heard a ruckus in the boys' room at night, I'd fly out of bed because chances were, Lewis was up to something in his sleep. He tried to fight his way out of the bedroom window once. Or he'd walk into the closet thinking it was a door. He got up at two in the morning once and started to get ready for school. Looked like he was wide awake. Chased him back to bed, and he was asleep just like that!

Once he stole John's covers in the middle of the night, and had a death grip on them when John tried to take them back. They were having a tug of war when we went in there, back and forth, and then Lewis rolled over on the blanket to keep a better grip on it. I think I almost peed a little because I was laughing so hard. John didn't think it was very funny. He was just cold!

I don't go to quite that extreme. However, I do apparently say the strangest things when I'm just falling asleep. One time I fell asleep as my honey and I were talking, and out of the blue, I guess I said to him ominously, "There's trouble at the meat market!"

"There's ... what??" he said disbelievingly. "Have you lost your mind?"

"There's trouble at the meat market!" I repeated.

"Well..." he said, playing along, "what kind of trouble?"

A pause, then, "The sausages aren't linking!!"

Wow. What do you say to that? LOL.

Well, add something new to that list of weird things to do in your sleep: sleep-photography. Yeah. Add that to my list.

My honey is an artist, and he is usually in the process of painting a picture, or two or three. We were talking about one of his current pieces last night before I went to bed and what he wanted to do with it next. I remember dreaming that something bad was going to happen to it, and I needed to take pictures of it so it wouldn't be lost forever. We could at least have the memories, you know? I don't know what was going to happen...some random stalker was going to flash through the room and leave a trail of spray paint on it???

The next thing I remember is standing up with a camera in my hand, taking pictures of this painting! I vaguely remember getting up, but when I realized what I was doing, I was a little confused. So I put the camera back down and went back to bed. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow again. So crazy! I'm going to have to go back and look at the pictures I took and see if any of them even turned out.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

april showers bring...

...babies! We have two grandbabies scheduled to arrive on the Stork Express this month. Woot woot! One is to a first-time mama, and one to an old hand at this...this is number three for her. One of them is expecting a girl, and one is expecting a boy. Oh, baby, baby, baby! LOL. I love this.

I simply can't get enough of that new-baby, fresh-from-God smell, and the little secret smiles that come and go with a flash, and the bemused stares of these wrinkled little peanuts as they look around with what must be absolute wonder, seeing bright lights after being so long in the dark.

I have the privilege to be invited to one of the births. I know not everyone is comfortable with it, but whenever I can, I like to be there. This one will be another C-section. I was at the other two births, both C-section, and I'm looking forward to being there for this one. It is simply amazing!

Watching a baby be born simply brings you right into the presence of God. It's a miracle, every time! I never get tired of it.

It will be a refreshing change from my workday routine. I feel like I've been cooped up in a box all winter, coming to work in the dark, leaving in the dark, and spending my days in the office. I have to go walk by the windows on my lunch hour, just to remind myself that there is a sun out there.

Today, I heard the cedar waxwings in the trees. We have a number of crabapple trees, and every spring and fall, the cedar waxwings appear and hang around for about a week or so, refueling and resting before they continue on their migration flight.

The first year I remember seeing them is the year my honey had his first heart attack. He was in the hospital, and I was leaving for the hospital to go visit him. I was a little scared, a little sad, and here were these little sweet things, covering the trees, cheeping their little hearts out. It was so unexpected, and so delightful, that it changed my whole day.

We watch for them every year, now...the harbingers of the changing of the seasons. Lovely little critters! Here's a couple shots that my honey took a couple of years ago. (I haven't gotten in camera range yet this year.) I love their little bandit eyes and their pretty yellow bellies.

Listen here to their cheerful singing. If that doesn't put a smile on your face and make you think of spring, I don't know what will!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

going digital...

I got a new book I'm really excited about: Paper + Pixels. Lots of great ideas about blending digital and paper scrapbooking--I love fonts, and would rather use a fancy font instead of my handwriting when I journal. I know, I know...I've heard how nice it is to see things in your writing, or for others to be able to see it in your writing. I think my choice of font says a lot too. I'm a font fanatic!

But here's the book...I love it. I like to carry books like this with me in the car. Every time I get stopped at a light, I just flip through for inspiration. I feel like I don't want to waste a single minute doing nothing. It makes me crazy to sit quietly with nothing to read. I get twitchy! And crabby. And you don't want to see me crabby in traffic, much less twitchy, at least if I'm driving.

Monday, February 14, 2011

adventures at the dentist

So I went to the dentist last Monday...I had a cleaning and exam appointment after work. And I don't know how it is for anyone else, but I have had horrific fears about dentists ever since I was a kid. The first dentist my mother took me to until I was about eight or nine used to whack me with his towel and tell me to quit my crying. I had, and still have, a hypersensitive mouth. I don't deal well with tooth pain. And he never ever gave me enough Novocaine. I always felt it when he was drilling.

So by the time my mom figured this out, I was terrified of going to the dentist. She switched to a "children's dentist", whatever that meant. From my perspective, they still thought I was a baby, but they were just more discreet about it. Instead of yelling at me and telling me to shut up, I could hear them talk about me crying when they muttered to each other under their breath. But still, not enough Novocaine. Pain every time I went.

Fast forward to becoming an adult. Do you think I made one single move to go see a dentist after I was responsible for that decision? Just guess.

If you guessed no, you're absolutely right.

Well, after finally finding a great dentist who was understanding what had now become a full-fledged phobia, I started to get some work done. But it was a long process, and I did not have the money to pay for it all. Long story short, some of them had to be pulled.

Now everything that is still remaining is finally cavity-free, and I go in every six months to make sure it stays that way, right? My dentist is perfectly willing to give me an extra shot of Novocaine so I don't feel a thing. I don't care if I walk around all day with my nose numb, as long as I don't have to feel the drilling. I still have to hear it (!) but I won't feel it.

But back to my story, (after going all the way around the block with that explanation), they find one tiny cavity and put me into an appointment three days out. I take the morning off of work, get in there and wait. And wait. And wait. And a half hour later, the lady calls me up to the desk and said they were running behind. No, really?? And she wants to know if I can come back in an hour. WHAT? An hour?? Well, okay fine. They give me a couple of gift cards for the local coffee shop and I'm on my way. Although I was thinking that it was awfully convenient that they just happened to have those on hand. And just offered them right up to me without me even complaining about it. Does this happen often??

Anyway, I went back and when they brought me back to The Chair, a new dentist that I've never seen before came in. He looked like he was about twelve. No kidding. A regular Doogie Howser. My first instinct was to run. I always schedule my appointments with one specific dentist there. This is not cool! But, I think to myself, okay, maybe he went home sick and this guy is filling in. I had to know. I asked him, but nope. He was the one I was originally scheduled with.

Take a deep breath, I'm telling myself. It's a tiny filling. What could possibly go wrong? And the next thing he says, is, "Sorry your appointment was delayed. I was doing a crown fitting, and we had to start over three times before it finally went right." WHAT?? Oh, no! It really is Doogie Dentist Howser! I wondered, if I got up very quickly and just RAN out of the office, if they would charge me for the appointment since they hadn't done the work yet. LOL.

I was too chicken to cancel, but still chicken to stay. I was definitely in a pickle. I decided to stay and tough it out. So instead of running, I clasped my fingers together very tightly, and just prayed like crazy! Please let it go right. Please let it go right! Oh please, oh pleaseohpleaseohpleaseoh!

It didn't go as smoothly as it does with the other dentist, but it was okay, and I am now, once again, cavity free. What a relief.

It's funny to think I'm such a spaz about this now, when I used to avoid anything to do with it. I have to brush, floss, everthing. Every night. I can't sleep if I don't. And the payoff is very good. It's so much easier to get fillings done one at a time if I need to instead of needing to get twenty-six of them done at once. I read somewhere that it only takes 21 days of doing something to develop the habit of doing it. I'm happy to claim this as a habit.

Monday, February 7, 2011

sharpies and stickies and stuff, oh my!

No, I'm not talking about things that poke you...I'm talking office supplies. Kimberly has a little giveaway going on, and her posts always inspire me. Such a creative soul! She just bought some lovely new Sharpie pens, and was inspired to finish her journaling on her scrapbook page, which she usually leaves for last (or later, or even never). LOL. Sorry Kim, I couldn't resist teasing you.

Okay, Gail has informed me that if you put LOL before you say you're sorry, it really doesn't count. Anyway...

I often use my very favorite pens to journal with, because that makes it so much more fun. Lots of times I will use words from my blog for my journaling when I make a book, and then I like to print them up and cut them out...but sometimes I just want to put a little quote or memory down, and I'll whip out those favorite pens then.

Besides Sharpies, which I love because they write on absolutely everything, I love the Glaze pens from Gelly Roll, by Sakura. They write on everything, too, including shiny surfaces like acrylic, and they dry with a little texture to them. They are simply awesome. Almost like an embossed finish. I heart them.

If I'm handwriting my journaling, I don't do long drawn-out pages of it. I keep it short and sweet. I like the pictures to tell the story. If I have a longer journaling chunk, sometimes I put it on a separate piece of cardstock and tuck it behind a picture in a little pocket I make so it doesn't take away from the page. I like things that move on a scrapbook page. Turn, twist, slide, pop name it. Like a puzzle, or something. I like there to be more to the story.

Most of all, I think I would just like to have time to do it. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simply Bags – Personalized Tote Bags

How fun is this?!

I received my personalized tote bag from Simply Bags in the mail, and immediately started packing it to use for my "go to work" bag! It has room for simply everything! I love it.

It's made out of a synthetic fabric, but what I love about it is that the inside is some kind of rubberized surface, so if I spill inside it (which I have been known to do), it'll wipe clean and won't leave stains or stinky smells.

It's big enough to carry my lunch bag, my wallet, and my water bottle in the inside compartment. There is a big outside pocket on one side that I can put any paperwork or notebooks in, two pockets on the other side that can hold my gloves and hat, and two inside pockets that can hold my badge for work and my charger cord for my phone. I can even fit a laptop in there if I need to, and my books for class.

The straps are long enough that I can swing it up over my shoulder when I go in to work and I still have my hands free for the other stuff I invariably end up carrying inside in the morning. It's a perfect fit for me. The embroidered monogram is just icing on the cake. :) My next bag from them will probably be one of their insulated lunch bags. If I am going to carry it every day, I want it to be CUTE!

Look at these adorable lunch bags! Fresh and sassy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

a done deed

Sadly, we decided to put little Kirby down today. We had one of the grandbabies over, and for whatever reason little Kirby got into his head, he bit little man on his leg and left a nasty red mark. There was no apparent reason for it, but that was the final straw for us. It just couldn't be.

We took him to the Humane Society and they were very kind and understanding. We couldn't be in there with him when they did it (against policy), but they did allow us to spend time with him afterward. They were so compassionate and sweet. I truly appreciate their kindness.

My honey and I were walking out afterward, and as we stepped outside, it was the strangest thing. My heart hurt--it literally felt as if it were breaking in half. Do you think that is why they came up with the term "heartbreak"? I keep seeing him in my mind, so trusting as they led him off down the hall, half curious, half cautious, his little tail trying to decide if it should wag or not. Poor baby.

I like to think he's galloping down the streets of heaven with our little Augie Doggie, ears flapping with glee, telling him stories of his short life with us. And Augie nodding knowingly, saying, "Just wait till they all get here! We'll have such fun!"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what to do, what to do...

Little Turbo, our newest dog, is a bit of a roughneck. Actually we've renamed him Kirby, because he didn't answer to Turbo at all. We tried out a few different names on him, and this seemed to get the best response. But I don't know what we're going to do with him. He's got this scruffy attitude about him...I don't know how else to describe it. He's like the best friend from the other side of the tracks, and even though he keeps getting in trouble, he's so cute you can't stand it.

He's got a little underbite, so his bottom teeth stick out farther than his top teeth. When his lips pull back just a little, it looks like he's smiling at you. His huge floppy ears are like radar antennas. When he's happy, they are straight back and flopping down at the ends. When he's scared, they flatten right out and lay right next to his head. When he is curious, they perk straight up and flop over to each side. He's so stinkin' cute!

When I come home from work, he and Coopie are right there, all excited, barking their heads off and wagging their tails like crazy, chasing the cats away from the door so they get first dibs at saying hello. When I pick him up to greet him, he tries to lick my face off. ♥ ♥ ♥

But. However. Yes, his little roughneck side adds a "but" to all of that. He has been through something, at some time in his life, that makes him very scared. Sometimes when we try to pet him, he flinches and ducks like he's going to get hit. He's very hyper-aware of quick movements. If he's eating and anyone comes near him, he races away from his dish and cowers under the table.

It just makes me sad, thinking about what's made him this way. When I ran out of the bathroom the other morning, just playing around, he thought I was coming after him. He was right outside the door. He bolted for his kennel and wouldn't come out until after I left for work. Poor's going to take some time to earn his complete trust.

But the biggest caveat is that he doesn't like new people coming in the door. In fact, sometimes he bites them. He goes ape-crazy barking and he tries to bite them in the leg wherever he can reach if we don't get to him first. I wonder if that is something over which we will end up having to put him down. We haven't taken that off the table...what else could we do? Some desensitization training of some sort, perhaps? What would that involve? Can you cure a biting dog? Why, oh why, does he have to be so cute and so vulnerable, but still so aggressive? Aw, I hate this!

Monday, January 31, 2011

the days are dribbling away

I've got this creative bug going inside me and I don't know quite what to do about it. I want to pour the creative juices out onto the table, mix them all up together, and see what comes out of it, but most days, I'm lucky to just check in a little bit with everyone at home, and get dinner and dishes done along with a little bit of homework before I'm ready to fall into bed at the end of the day.

The weekends come and go in a flurry of activity, and by the end of Sunday, I have to think about what I got accomplished so that I don't feel so bad about "wasting" another weekend. Why is it that I have to be able to check something off one of my lists before I can allow myself to rest at the end of the day? And where is it written that I have to have all my "work" (i.e. household chores) done before I can "play" and create some art, whatever form that takes? I wonder if that's why I like to bake. I can release some of my creative "juice" and feel productive at the same time.

What I really feel like doing is some scrapbooking...getting messy with paper and pictures and my new pretty pink Glue Glider Pro that my sweet Gailybee gave me for Christmas. Have you seen those things? Forty FEET of adhesive. Zowie!

And Mel started a new scrapbook for me with a picture of one of her ultrasounds of my grandbaby-to-be...I want to make the backgrounds so I can just plunk the baby pictures in when he gets here.

April is not that far away. We had two new grandbabies last year, and there will be two more this year, both of them hopefully by the end of April. Cindy and Tezzo's baby will probably be here sooner than that, though. She is on complete bedrest right now, and if little miss has her way, she'll be making her entrance sooner rather than later. Two boys, and now, a little princess. Very exciting stuff!

Mel has decided that being pregnant has ceased to be fun since she's experiencing the less exciting symptoms of the third trimester...heartburn, being out of breath easily, being tired, and having miscellaneous aches and pains...I do NOT miss that. It's so nice to be eighteen years on this end of delivery.

But then, you have the other side of the coin...Phyl and I were talking here the other day about tax returns, and how when you have more kids, you get larger tax returns, and now on our end of things, the returns get smaller and smaller. Phyl said, "Well, we could always have more kids!" He got the "Are you insane?" look of horror from me, and then he cracked up laughing. There is no way I want to do the new baby routine again now. I love to snuggle them, and breathe in their "fresh from God" fragrance, and soak them in as they rest on me, but then I love to give them back to their mommies. I don't have the energy to be mom to a bunch of little ones now, but I still get to experience the joys of being a gramma. It's wonderful.

And in theory, it should give me a lot more time to craft and create because I'm not constantly taking care of little ones, but this working full time gig is really cutting into my creative spare time. LOL. All things considered, though, I'll take the full-time gig over the alternative. I don't mean to take it lightly. I appreciate my job every day. I just want to have it all--full time job and full time creative genius!

Perhaps having a huge chunk of leisure time isn't realistic. I bet if I broke up my projects into chunks, and just did those little chunks in the time that I have here and there, I'd get a lot more done than I do when I just throw a fit and whine that I don't have any time.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

belly laugh Rx

I don't know why this makes me laugh so much, but it does.