Friday, February 4, 2011

a done deed

Sadly, we decided to put little Kirby down today. We had one of the grandbabies over, and for whatever reason little Kirby got into his head, he bit little man on his leg and left a nasty red mark. There was no apparent reason for it, but that was the final straw for us. It just couldn't be.

We took him to the Humane Society and they were very kind and understanding. We couldn't be in there with him when they did it (against policy), but they did allow us to spend time with him afterward. They were so compassionate and sweet. I truly appreciate their kindness.

My honey and I were walking out afterward, and as we stepped outside, it was the strangest thing. My heart hurt--it literally felt as if it were breaking in half. Do you think that is why they came up with the term "heartbreak"? I keep seeing him in my mind, so trusting as they led him off down the hall, half curious, half cautious, his little tail trying to decide if it should wag or not. Poor baby.

I like to think he's galloping down the streets of heaven with our little Augie Doggie, ears flapping with glee, telling him stories of his short life with us. And Augie nodding knowingly, saying, "Just wait till they all get here! We'll have such fun!"


Kimberly said...

Oh, i'm so sorry! HUGS

Becky K. said...

I know your pain. It is ultimately the kindest thing you could do for a fearful dog. But, boy it does hurt our hearts!!!

Nezzy said...

Your very difficult decision was made for you, you truly had on choice. My heart goes out to you girl, I know how very hard this is and yes...heartbreakin'!

Just hang on to that happy little Heaven reunion your gonna have! :o)

God bless you and may God grant you peace!