Monday, February 7, 2011

sharpies and stickies and stuff, oh my!

No, I'm not talking about things that poke you...I'm talking office supplies. Kimberly has a little giveaway going on, and her posts always inspire me. Such a creative soul! She just bought some lovely new Sharpie pens, and was inspired to finish her journaling on her scrapbook page, which she usually leaves for last (or later, or even never). LOL. Sorry Kim, I couldn't resist teasing you.

Okay, Gail has informed me that if you put LOL before you say you're sorry, it really doesn't count. Anyway...

I often use my very favorite pens to journal with, because that makes it so much more fun. Lots of times I will use words from my blog for my journaling when I make a book, and then I like to print them up and cut them out...but sometimes I just want to put a little quote or memory down, and I'll whip out those favorite pens then.

Besides Sharpies, which I love because they write on absolutely everything, I love the Glaze pens from Gelly Roll, by Sakura. They write on everything, too, including shiny surfaces like acrylic, and they dry with a little texture to them. They are simply awesome. Almost like an embossed finish. I heart them.

If I'm handwriting my journaling, I don't do long drawn-out pages of it. I keep it short and sweet. I like the pictures to tell the story. If I have a longer journaling chunk, sometimes I put it on a separate piece of cardstock and tuck it behind a picture in a little pocket I make so it doesn't take away from the page. I like things that move on a scrapbook page. Turn, twist, slide, pop name it. Like a puzzle, or something. I like there to be more to the story.

Most of all, I think I would just like to have time to do it. :)

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Nezzy said...

Woohoo girl, it sound like a wonderful giveaway and bein' a Kid's Church director I go through sharpies like crazy!

Thanks for the heads up...I'm gonna go enter.

God bless ya sweetie and have a terrific week!!! :o)