Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simply Bags – Personalized Tote Bags

How fun is this?!

I received my personalized tote bag from Simply Bags in the mail, and immediately started packing it to use for my "go to work" bag! It has room for simply everything! I love it.

It's made out of a synthetic fabric, but what I love about it is that the inside is some kind of rubberized surface, so if I spill inside it (which I have been known to do), it'll wipe clean and won't leave stains or stinky smells.

It's big enough to carry my lunch bag, my wallet, and my water bottle in the inside compartment. There is a big outside pocket on one side that I can put any paperwork or notebooks in, two pockets on the other side that can hold my gloves and hat, and two inside pockets that can hold my badge for work and my charger cord for my phone. I can even fit a laptop in there if I need to, and my books for class.

The straps are long enough that I can swing it up over my shoulder when I go in to work and I still have my hands free for the other stuff I invariably end up carrying inside in the morning. It's a perfect fit for me. The embroidered monogram is just icing on the cake. :) My next bag from them will probably be one of their insulated lunch bags. If I am going to carry it every day, I want it to be CUTE!

Look at these adorable lunch bags! Fresh and sassy!


Nezzy said...

Oh honey, your gonna love it!!! I use 'em to carry my Kid's Church and Sunday School stuff. I used to have one I'd carry to school for papers I brought home to grade. I have a brightly colored one I carry in my car to put little items I purchase in.

God bless and enjoy your bag...I know your gonna!

Tapping World Summit 2011 said...

These are just great gift ideas! Love giving gifts that are personalized.