Sunday, April 3, 2011

april showers bring...

...babies! We have two grandbabies scheduled to arrive on the Stork Express this month. Woot woot! One is to a first-time mama, and one to an old hand at this...this is number three for her. One of them is expecting a girl, and one is expecting a boy. Oh, baby, baby, baby! LOL. I love this.

I simply can't get enough of that new-baby, fresh-from-God smell, and the little secret smiles that come and go with a flash, and the bemused stares of these wrinkled little peanuts as they look around with what must be absolute wonder, seeing bright lights after being so long in the dark.

I have the privilege to be invited to one of the births. I know not everyone is comfortable with it, but whenever I can, I like to be there. This one will be another C-section. I was at the other two births, both C-section, and I'm looking forward to being there for this one. It is simply amazing!

Watching a baby be born simply brings you right into the presence of God. It's a miracle, every time! I never get tired of it.

It will be a refreshing change from my workday routine. I feel like I've been cooped up in a box all winter, coming to work in the dark, leaving in the dark, and spending my days in the office. I have to go walk by the windows on my lunch hour, just to remind myself that there is a sun out there.

Today, I heard the cedar waxwings in the trees. We have a number of crabapple trees, and every spring and fall, the cedar waxwings appear and hang around for about a week or so, refueling and resting before they continue on their migration flight.

The first year I remember seeing them is the year my honey had his first heart attack. He was in the hospital, and I was leaving for the hospital to go visit him. I was a little scared, a little sad, and here were these little sweet things, covering the trees, cheeping their little hearts out. It was so unexpected, and so delightful, that it changed my whole day.

We watch for them every year, now...the harbingers of the changing of the seasons. Lovely little critters! Here's a couple shots that my honey took a couple of years ago. (I haven't gotten in camera range yet this year.) I love their little bandit eyes and their pretty yellow bellies.

Listen here to their cheerful singing. If that doesn't put a smile on your face and make you think of spring, I don't know what will!

Have a great week!


Becky K. said...

I love to listen to the birds early in the morning while the dogs are out doing their thing. What a way to start a day. Their cheerful chirps are contagious.

Happy news about the babies on the way! Congrats to all. I hope that one day I will be invited into the delivery are right, the birth of a baby is so very miraculous!

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! Congratulations on the new baby news! A boy and a girl...boy life just can't get any better that that! Your heart will be full girl!

I love birds ... feed 'em year round. That is one fantastic picture your Honey captured there. Seems I haven't developed the art of bein' 'quick' enough for a great shot!

God bless ya and have a fantastic week!!! :o)