Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it's idol season again!!!!

Oh my oh my oh my...who do you vote for this Idol season? I am absolutely crazy about JAMES this year! I'm think I must be a closet rock freak or something. I don't even like metal, but whatever he sang tonight, I'll take some more of that! I hope everyone else is liking him as much as I am.

But then there is Jacob. That voice, my goodness! He's amazing. Sheer brilliance, a voice crafted by a genius God! And I love, love his character. Beautiful.

And then we have Casey. Casey, cool Casey. He just does his own thing, all the way to the extreme. He's quirky, crazy, and I would buy his music today.

And Lauren is my favorite girl, since Naima was eliminated. She had so much spirit and heart, but Lauren has been one of my favorites from the start.

Haley seems very shallow to me...she has the package, she flaunts it, she milks out that sex appeal thing as far as it will go. She does have a nice voice, but it's inconsistent at times, and I always feel like she's putting on a persona that she thinks people will like. She could go home tomorrow, and I wouldn't give a fig to see her again. For me, she's forgettable.

Now I know that all the Stefano and Scotty lovers will hate me for this, but they'll be fine without winning this, so they could go anytime, too. Sorry Charlie. No cigar for me.

Who's left? Oh, Paul. He's got that raspy Rod Stewart voice, and I'm sure he's a nice guy, but the last one standing? I very much doubt he'll be there. I do enjoy watching him perform...he looks like a giant leprecaun sometimes, the way he bounces around the stage. Mr. Happy.

I don't think there was a BAD singer in the top 12 this year, but I do think there are a few very good singers. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.


Becky K. said...

I agree with you on most points. I love the show this year and think that the changes in the judging were perfect. Who would have thought that when they were announcing them? Anyway Lauren is friends with my cousin who is in the Nashville music scene and he has been facebooking all of his friends and family to vote for her. If they let Stefano and Hailey go next I'll not mind...after that I really love everyone else. It will get harder and harder until the end.

I was proud of Casey and James last night. They really stuck to the heart of who they are. Man, Casey's song was so well done!! really hit a chord with me to get such a long comment.

Have a great day.

Nezzy said...

I think it's so darn cute how into the show ya are. I rarely get around soon enough to catch it.

Enjoy it sweetie, the sure do have some talented kiddos on there.

God bless ya and have a fantastic day!!!

Becky K. said... cousin Nathan is going to be on the show tomorrow night!!!!

He will play the fiddle for Lauren....can't wait to see him.