Sunday, July 3, 2011

little scrapping fix

I stayed at Mel's house overnight to scrapbook and play with Wyatt, and got a few pages made on my calendar.

I'm happy that I got take out my toys and play...the pages are a bonus. :) My girls always laugh at me because I have more fun rearranging and organizing my tools and papers than I do actually scrapping. And it's true.

But I got a few pages done last night, and lots of snuggle time with little man.


daisymarie said...

So very cool and creative. Sometimes I think God forgot to put my artistic/creative bone in. Sigh. Funny thing is that the older daughter seems to have gotten two...must come from her dad. :)

Nezzy said...

Oh my goodness glory sweetie, you Little Man is just a doll!!!

I'm quite jealous, our little Ian is now two and when I sniff that little head of his it's no longer sweet baby scent but that little boy 'wet dog' smell. Heeehehehe!!!!

Congratulations on the newest members of your clan...have fun with 'em girl!

God bless...(shhhh, I just snuck over...I'm still on my blogcation)

Things just got too busy 'round the old Ponderosa this summer for me to survive and do justice to my blog family.

Have a glorious day my friend. :o)