Thursday, November 10, 2011


Daughters. I love having daughters. A typical exchange between she and I...late at night when the house gets quiet.

Me: ma chérie, will you please come get some pizza? your tea is probably 2 hot 2 drink right now anyway
Her:‎ Nope! Not gettin up! :p
Me:‎ git yer fanny out here!
Her:‎ No!
Me:‎ i'm gonna whup you, girl
Her:‎ Just bring it to me
Me):‎ did you drink any tea yet? it's probably cooled off now. mine is.
Her:‎ ... Stop
Her:‎ Brrrriiiiing meeeee piiiiiizzaaaaaa
Me:‎ I will not. I want to see your lovely smiling face out here.
Her:‎ Then I'll go to bed hungry
Me:‎ stop trying to make me feel guilty
Me:‎ I even picked out the pizza that didn't have mushrooms on it
Her:‎ Night mom
Me:‎ just come eat some. brat.
Me:‎ i will drag you out of the room kicking and screaming
Me:‎ do you want me to write about you on fb? Or better yet, my blog?

Ah, she knows how empty my threats are. I think she ate earlier, so I will let her "win". But I'm still going to write about her! It's part of the mother-daughter dance that we do every day.


daisymarie said...

I remember conversations like that...miss them a little some days. But then again, I enjoy some of the adult convos we've been having lately, too. Each phase seems sweet.

daisy said...

daisymarie, the funniest part was that I was texting her from the computer, and she was texting me back from the other room! LOL. She makes me laugh. I was waiting for her to say, "well, you're just gonna hafta whup me, then!" -- which is her usual line when I bust out with that. It's all in fun... but I know these days are short-lived. I'm savoring every moment. :o)