Monday, January 31, 2011

the days are dribbling away

I've got this creative bug going inside me and I don't know quite what to do about it. I want to pour the creative juices out onto the table, mix them all up together, and see what comes out of it, but most days, I'm lucky to just check in a little bit with everyone at home, and get dinner and dishes done along with a little bit of homework before I'm ready to fall into bed at the end of the day.

The weekends come and go in a flurry of activity, and by the end of Sunday, I have to think about what I got accomplished so that I don't feel so bad about "wasting" another weekend. Why is it that I have to be able to check something off one of my lists before I can allow myself to rest at the end of the day? And where is it written that I have to have all my "work" (i.e. household chores) done before I can "play" and create some art, whatever form that takes? I wonder if that's why I like to bake. I can release some of my creative "juice" and feel productive at the same time.

What I really feel like doing is some scrapbooking...getting messy with paper and pictures and my new pretty pink Glue Glider Pro that my sweet Gailybee gave me for Christmas. Have you seen those things? Forty FEET of adhesive. Zowie!

And Mel started a new scrapbook for me with a picture of one of her ultrasounds of my grandbaby-to-be...I want to make the backgrounds so I can just plunk the baby pictures in when he gets here.

April is not that far away. We had two new grandbabies last year, and there will be two more this year, both of them hopefully by the end of April. Cindy and Tezzo's baby will probably be here sooner than that, though. She is on complete bedrest right now, and if little miss has her way, she'll be making her entrance sooner rather than later. Two boys, and now, a little princess. Very exciting stuff!

Mel has decided that being pregnant has ceased to be fun since she's experiencing the less exciting symptoms of the third trimester...heartburn, being out of breath easily, being tired, and having miscellaneous aches and pains...I do NOT miss that. It's so nice to be eighteen years on this end of delivery.

But then, you have the other side of the coin...Phyl and I were talking here the other day about tax returns, and how when you have more kids, you get larger tax returns, and now on our end of things, the returns get smaller and smaller. Phyl said, "Well, we could always have more kids!" He got the "Are you insane?" look of horror from me, and then he cracked up laughing. There is no way I want to do the new baby routine again now. I love to snuggle them, and breathe in their "fresh from God" fragrance, and soak them in as they rest on me, but then I love to give them back to their mommies. I don't have the energy to be mom to a bunch of little ones now, but I still get to experience the joys of being a gramma. It's wonderful.

And in theory, it should give me a lot more time to craft and create because I'm not constantly taking care of little ones, but this working full time gig is really cutting into my creative spare time. LOL. All things considered, though, I'll take the full-time gig over the alternative. I don't mean to take it lightly. I appreciate my job every day. I just want to have it all--full time job and full time creative genius!

Perhaps having a huge chunk of leisure time isn't realistic. I bet if I broke up my projects into chunks, and just did those little chunks in the time that I have here and there, I'd get a lot more done than I do when I just throw a fit and whine that I don't have any time.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

belly laugh Rx

I don't know why this makes me laugh so much, but it does.