Tuesday, March 1, 2011

going digital...

I got a new book I'm really excited about: Paper + Pixels. Lots of great ideas about blending digital and paper scrapbooking--I love fonts, and would rather use a fancy font instead of my handwriting when I journal. I know, I know...I've heard how nice it is to see things in your writing, or for others to be able to see it in your writing. I think my choice of font says a lot too. I'm a font fanatic!

But here's the book...I love it. I like to carry books like this with me in the car. Every time I get stopped at a light, I just flip through for inspiration. I feel like I don't want to waste a single minute doing nothing. It makes me crazy to sit quietly with nothing to read. I get twitchy! And crabby. And you don't want to see me crabby in traffic, much less twitchy, at least if I'm driving.