Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a recommendation

This is a particularly fascinating read for me. You may have read in some of my older posts that I grew up in an extremely conservative, not very well-known branch of an Apostolic Lutheran church that originated in Finland. I have since left the church, and am very happy with my choice, but every once in a while, something trips my trigger and I am sucked back into looking at it all again. I learn something new about myself, and find a different way to look at certain things every time this happens.

Well, it's happening again. A gentleman who was also a member of the same church has published this book that examines many of the same questions I had when I was leaving, and many many more. He is more thorough and much less haphazard with his research than my random scribblings. I don't know if I would call it a memoir or a church history...some of each, I guess.

I am inching my way through this, and what I'm loving about it is that although it is a wonderful historical resource, this inquiry into his faith is not dry at all. It has life, and humor, and displays his very likeable human self throughout the whole piece.

An Examination of the Pearl is available here where there are links to read it for free. It is also available on Smashwords here or on Amazon for only 99 cents. Smashwords offers you several options: you can download a pdf when you purchase, or you can choose a mobile e-version if you have a Kindle or another e-reader. His intent is not to make money from this, but to share what he has experienced and learned. It's well worth the time.

It's nicely done, with links built in so you can go to the parts you are most interested in first, or if you're a methodical person, you could read straight through. I'm reading it straight through because I don't want to miss anything.

The thing I find refreshing is that it's not written in the form of a Bette Davis bashing free-for-all. Here's this guy who is trying to keep his faith, but has these niggling "what about this" questions clawing at him, and he's just trying to make sense out of it all. Boy, can I relate.


Nezzy said...

Sounds like a great read no matter what denomination you are geared to.

It's through the 'what about this' questions that make us dig deeper into our faith and find that 'rock' to stand upon.

God bless ya sweetie, this was a great review! :o)

daisymarie said...

Thanks for the review. I'm going to look for this one!