Tuesday, November 27, 2012

oh, no!!! not Cody!!

Nooo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o! Cody Belew is toast! At least on The Voice, he is. I'm so sad. He was eliminated tonight from the Top Ten. He and Dez Duron are done. I would have sent Melanie Martinez or Terry McDermott instead.

Well, at least some of my other favorites are still in the running. I'd like to see Amanda Brown take the top spot. She is phenomenal. And Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David are my other two faves who are still left on the show. Cassadee Pope is good, too...but I'm just not as in to her voice as I am the other singers.

I know, I know. Cody will go places, and The Voice was a vehicle for him to get exposure.  But Cody! I loved his sass, and the confidence that he put into his performances. I was hooked when he sang Jolene, the song Dolly Parton made famous. His part starts at 1:40, if you want to get right to it. What an incredible performance. I'll be waiting for his CD to come out!!

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