Monday, February 20, 2012

dear freecycle giver,

Have you used freecycle yet? I love it. The focus is on keeping perfectly good items out of the landfills, and passing them on to people who can use them instead. Furniture, kitchen tools, appliances, you name it, you can find it on freecycle.

It's a great way to get useful stuff out of your house--people just come and pick it up and it's gone! Out of your hair!

You can also post a need or a want, for example if your coffeepot goes kaput, you could put a post on freecycle and see if anyone has one they are not using and would be willing to get rid of.

I usually scout through the offers to see if there is anything I see that is on my wish list. Contacting the offer-er can be tricky because they may receive many requests for the item. The sooner, the better, and it's best to be polite and not sound too demanding or say things that would make the offer-er leery. No creepers wanted on freecycle.

However, sometimes you are successful, and sometimes things go sadly astray and you may not even know why. Occasionally, I have had a reply saying I may have the item, but the person suddenly declines to reply or send their address. You have to write those ones off. Stalking them via email and making veiled threats will definitely not help matters, and could get you in very hot water. You may have a surprise visit from your local sheriff should you go that route!

This is how I have responded when that happens:

Dear freecycle giver,

I've decided that you must have either been a) hit by a bus or b) you gave the ....carpet... to someone else and didn't want to say so, or c) decided to change your mind and keep it. That's fine...I've given up on it. I'm done. It would really have been okay if you would have just said so.

You're probably a nice person, so I've decided the reason must be the first option. I hope you have a speedy recovery from your bus accident.

Best wishes,