Thursday, March 29, 2012

what girls need (and don't need)

My favorite quote of the day:

"Girls don't need a father who makes all their choices for them. They need a father who teaches them how to, over time, make wise choices for themselves.

"Girls don't need to sit around yearning for brave, clever, caring, skillful husbands. They need to learn to be brave, clever, caring, and skillful themselves."

Preach it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring, or something like it

It's been so warm the last week that I can't stand it. I really don't know if I'm ready to have to use the air conditioning in order to sleep in the middle of March. I am not so sure that it's a good thing to have to find my summer pajamas already just because I am sweating too much in my thicker winter pjs.

This time of year is when I am still programmed to keep the shovel by the front door in case we have a surprise snowfall in the middle of the night. I still want to keep the space heater accessible in our bedroom since our room is always the coldest room when the frigid wind rattles and shakes the windows.

This is the week that we usually get dumped on with snow. The only snow in our yard is in a picture I took three weeks ago. Three weeks ago to the day from today, I was snowed in, stuck in my own driveway. The kids stayed home and made snowmen in the yard. We were bundled up to our noses with snowpants, scarves, and mittens.

Last week, we set high temperature records several days in a row. The birds are all back, the grass is turning green, and the ice is out on the lakes around here. The willow trees are budding out with leaves in that delightful shade of green that we only see in the early spring. The chickadees are everywhere, little harbingers of spring fever. It's craziness! It makes me want to clean out the garden. I get fooled every year with that one. We think it's worth a chance to get it ready, and then whoosh! Another snowstorm will arrive. Just you wait and see.