Friday, August 10, 2012

sea salt takes on a new flavor

I have a confession to make. 

I am a food blog junkie.  I'm forever on the hunt for new recipes, and recently on Tony Lantz's blog, I found this post about a dairy free spinach dip in a bread bowl.  It looks amazing, and I am putting it on my next week's menu.  I can make a meal out of something like that. 

One of the ingredients in this recipe is a sea salt and herb mixture.  It is made with sea salt from Brittany layered with organic herbs grown on a farm in Nova Scotia...I tracked some down.  I'm going to buy some, and I'm so excited to try it.  If you think about it, it's like having a little bit of those places with you as you cook.  Knowing the story behind it makes it more fun to use, if you ask me!

So, I'm going to make the spinach dip this next week, but I'll make it again after I get my Sea Salt and Herbs.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

food I'd rather not think about

So, I get this phone call from my honey yesterday at work. He says, “I hope you don’t get sick.” Long silence.

I’m like, “What do you mean?”

He says, “You know how I made homemade Vietnamese egg rolls last night?

I go, “Yeah…”

He says, “Well, I was cleaning out the oil from the deep fryer because we’ve used it a couple times, and I couldn’t see down into the bottom. But when I dumped the last bit of it out, there was a deep fried MOUSE in the bottom!”

Even longer silence. Mentally I’m gagging. Eeww! Gak! Wishing I could throw up but I can’t.

I said, “I could have gone my whole entire life without hearing that!”

I don’t know if it got in there before or after he cooked the egg rolls, or even how it got in there, unless it crawled in after he cooked when it was sitting on the counter cooling, and I’m sure it just drowned and couldn’t get out. The hot oil could have cooked it. But the oil did pop a little bit when we were heating it up to cook the egg rolls, which was weird because it usually doesn’t pop until you put something in it.

I think I’ve had enough fried food for a good long while.