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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

news from home

So my youngest is away at college, and is looking for news from home.

Well, let me share my night with you, chickie.  I stopped at the post office on the way home to mail a card, and then I sat in traffic on the way home.  I got home, took in the mail, cleaned out my car, and went in the house.  I started making dinner, fed the cats, fed the dog, fed myself a lovely lentil stew that even you would like--no mushrooms, no tofu, no soybean stuff...just a little yummy vegetable stew.  I'll freeze some and heat it up for you next time you're home so you don't feel left out, okay?

I know, I know, you'd rather have chocolate chip cookies.  Psshhh!  Cookies are overrated.  It's never to early to start watching the foods that make your triglycerides go up!  

You're not buying it, are you?  But see?  That's what happens when you're not here.  We eat boring food and do boring things.  Well, I don't think they're boring, but I'm sure you would.

I took the trash out to the road, washed some dishes, and now I just got done checking out facebook.  I had to get up to chase Tucker (the big black cat) away from Cooper (the little weinie dog--you know, just in case you forgot who they all were after you left!) when he was eating.  Tucker has figured out that he can just loom over Coopie when he's eating and Cooper will eventually make space for him and share his food.  Tucker has a one-track mind:  his stomach.  It's all about the food, baby.  So I have to keep an eye on Tucker when Cooper is having his dinner.

Then Cory came over for about three minutes to pick up some mail, and now Phylbie is watching a little Sanford & Sons.   Not much new news, is there?  Life is rather dull with you gone, chickie.  No one to harass me or stir things up just because.  There's no one shouting from the bedroom...going "Mom!  Mom!"  and when I come to the door to see what you want, there you are, giving me puppy eyes and asking me to make you food.  The door stays closed, and the room is quiet.  It's pathetic.

I'm going to catch up on The Voice since I missed it last night.  I thought I better go to my sign language class and not skip.  Besides, that class is pretty fun. Most nights we play games to practice signing instead of just sitting there.  I still don't feel like I can put a sentence together unless it's one of the ones we did in class, but I guess I hafta be patient.  Practice, practice practice!

I go to bed early and have no one to hassle in the morning about getting up out of bed.  Phyl gets up on his own, and I just get up, make breakfast, make my lunch and go to work.  The excitement never ends!  See what you have to look forward to when you're done with school and ready to go out into the real world and work at your job?  I'm pretty sure, though, that you will bring the fun with you wherever you go.  It's one of your gifts.

Is it summer yet?  You need to come back home for the summer and work with me again!