Thursday, October 25, 2012

oh, Ellen!

Is this a case of "be careful what you ask for"?  I wonder whose idea it was at Bic to ask Ellen to do a commercial for these.  What was he thinking? Ellen, you're a riot.  I love you.  That is all.

Friday, October 12, 2012

sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Does anyone remember that song Signs, by the Five Man Electrical Band? 

That is what was going through my head when I got out of my sign language class last night.  Signs, signs, everywhere a sign...I'm starting to think about sign language all day long, translating sentences into ASL grammar in my head, and my hands just do the signs all on their own when I know them.  It's pretty cool.

I can't wait until I know it really well.  I want to converse with my g-babyboy who is hard of hearing.  He's learning sign in school, so he'll be way ahead of me, I'm sure.  It's okay...he can laugh at me.  As long as he talks to me, too.  I'm so excited to surprise him with it.  There it goes fingers wanted to bust out with the "excited" and the "surprise" "him" signs.  I know these are only baby steps, and I'm sure it looks pretty unpolished to anyone who signs on a daily basis.  But that's okay.  Everyone has to be new at something at one point.

Why aren't we comfortable with being new at things when we get older?  When we're kids we just have fun with it.  Figure it out like a puzzle.  Like today when kids learn new video games, it's almost like they've always known how to play them, and if you're not a video game fan, it can be so confusing.  But I think video games are like other software programs.  Some skills and techniques carry over from one to the next, and if you try something that works in another game, you could get lucky and have it work in the new game.  

A lot of sign language seems to be intuitive, and you kind of act out the word or description as well.  The ones that are hard to remember are the ones that look alike.  "Brother" and "confident" look alike to me still.  Those kinds of words are the ones I have to focus on.  And the question words...I still get those confused sometimes.  The who, what, where, why and how signs...just have to keep practicing.  Practice makes perfect.  (Thanks, mom.  I hear ya still!)

But just for fun, from way way back, I wanted to post the Signs song, too, if you haven't heard it yet.  I know, sounds crazy, but maybe there's a good reason.  (Like maybe because you're not old?  Ha!)

Enjoy the signs.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

what are the odds...

This tickles my funny bone, big time.

Type in the words Completely Wrong.

Press Enter to search.

Friday, October 5, 2012

happy Friday!

It's Friday...and we're headed full steam ahead into the weekend!  Every weekend seems to fly by so quickly that there's never enough time for all the fun I want to have.  I left work early today to get my teeth cleaned.  As my boss would say, "tooth-hurty" is the best time of day for a dentist appointment!  But I was there at two.  Sorry, dude.  Maybe next time.  Haha!

I have to get the basics done today, of course, so that the rest of the weekend dI can fly by the seat of my pants and not worry about that know, vacuuming, laundry, catching up on the dishes, cleaning my bedroom, and straightening out the studio so I can work without being distracted. 

I have some crafting plans--I have a couple of projects I want to draft out.  I usually try to find a project that I can do in a weekend and save it for the first weekend of deer season.  The guys are gone hunting, and my time  is my own...time to play in the craft room, or the studio, as I like to call it.  I have an idea, but I need to work through the design and make sure I have everything I need before then.  It's less than a month away, peeps!  And movin' fast!!

There's room for my honey to do his oil  painting in there, and I carved out a corner for all my scrapbook supplies.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just to step in there and shut the door.  Private time to myself was such a rarity when the kids were small, and leaving craft supplies out where they could reach them  was a recipe for disaster.  It just wasn't worth the trouble it would create!  But now, I have my own little corner of heaven.  In fact, I'm sitting in here now, savoring the quiet. 

I also have a stack of books about three feet high that I want to read--when is that ever NOT the case??    And there are a few more at the library waiting for me to pick them up.  Why is it that my reserved books seem to show up all together in big batches?  One  of those mysteries, like why the washing machine eats one out of each pair of socks I have?  I've solved that one, though.  I buy all my socks the same!  All black, all matching, and all from the same store, so no matter which ones I find, they match!  Problem solved!  Now about those library books...haha!!

Most of the ones I have waiting for me are cookbooks about African food and Indian food right now.  I'm looking for new vegetarian meals that taste good and are good for  me.  I don't want to get bored with my food, so I'm always open to new cuisines.

Here is a little sample of what I have out right now. I better get crackin' so I have time for it all!

I love to cook from scratch, so this book is really fun to read.  How about making your own graham crackers? She think you should make your own hot dog buns, guacamole, and yogurt, you should probably buy your hamburger buns, potato chips, and rice pudding. Why? I don't know yet.  I haven't read far enough!  As a matter of fact, I like my own rice pudding better than any store bought one that I've tried.  So it's her opinion, but you can't argue with it if you don't know what it says.  I gotta read!!

And this one is the life story about a local biker, and the person who helped him put his story down  on paper is Mary Gardner, a seventy-year-old writer, who connected with Deadeye (the biker) through some research she was doing on Harley mechanics for a book she was writing.  If that doesn't sound like interesting research!

And this one hooked me from the minute I read about it:

"SoulSpace is about more than how we decorate our homes; it’s about how we care for ourselves. It guides us into a deeper understanding of more than mere home decoration: it teaches us how to create a home that provides not only for our physical comfort but for our emotional comfort too.

In SoulSpace, Xorin reminds us that what all of us yearn for, deep in our hearts, is the experience of home. And when the place we live in is a reflection of our spirit, then we can more easily experience our home within. If all of that sounds wonderful but you have no idea how to do it, then read on."

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

mushrooms and more...

Oh, dear sweet youngest child,

You will never be so glad to be eating dinner elsewhere as you will be when you hear what we're having tonight.   Ready for this??  drumroll, please... it's...Mushroom Gravy and Mashed Potatoes! Yup. That's it.  I found a great recipe for the gravy I want to try.  No meat whatsoever involved.

Oh, and a salad, and homemade bread. I guess you wouldn't mind that part.

There is something vaguely rebellious about not eating meat.  People try to figure out why in the world I would want to give up meat.  Some of them think it's not quite normal, and they don't know what to say.  I say, Power to the Piglets!  Or something like that.  Heehee!!  It's not changing the world, but it's changing my world.  When I screw up and accidentally eat something with meat, I feel bad.  I am the only one I'm letting down when I do that.  No one else cares.  Just me.  It's interesting.  But now that I've made you almost tune out, I'll move on.

Last night was uneventful. I went to sign language class - fun, drove home-not much fun, checked my facebook to catch up with friends-fun, did a little homework-sorta fun, and went to bed-sleep is very fun!  But I bet your night was more fun.

Nothing is new. Oh, wait! I take it back. Robert and Jamie are ENGAGED!!! That's new and exciting. Aw, they are so cute together. I have a picture of them together that is sooo adorable. And it doesn't hurt that I love the shade of green of the sweater that Jamie is wearing.

♥ this!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

what are you, hearing??

CJ Jones is hilarious. Here's a funny clip with him from a movie we watched in my sign language class.  Short and sweet. 

Watching videos where people are signing helps me remember words. I love the sign for automatic window in here. Watch for it.