Monday, February 25, 2013

thoughts from today...

Did you watch The Bachelor? All I can say is he is one lucky guy not to have picked Ashley. She was one angry chica. Hoo boy! Good news for him. And I like Catherine...we'll see. I've liked her from the get.

But on to more good news. Well, it's kind of sad, but it ends up good.

This cute little cat named Angel must really have nine lives.

From the commentary on her youTube video: People have commented that Angel was run over by a car but she has old and new broken ribs and spine and no other damage like internal injuries so unless she was run over by 4 or 5 cars at different times, then the rescue will have to go by what the vets say which is she was stomped and kicked repeatedly. Just clarifying :(

Stupid sick people who could do that to a kitten--words fail me.

But she was rescued, and taken to a place where she is safe now. Watch how she gets around. You can't kill the spirit in her--it shines brightly! Puts a smile on my face. She's adorable.

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