Thursday, February 7, 2013

from homeless to Harvard

Dawn Loggins was abandoned by her parents when she was a teenager.  Who the heck does that, by the way?!  She gets invited to a prestigious summer program through school for top scholars, and when she gets back from it, her family has been evicted, her grandmother has been dropped off at a homeless shelter, and the parents have moved out of state, leaving no forwarding address. I cannot imagine.

I have a whole of things to say about that, but that's not what I want to focus on this month.  What I really wanted to share is what she did about it. Check this out. This girl has a positive attitude, I'm telling you. I can take lessons! If you want to read a longer article about it, you can do that here.

But before you start to  think that since she did this, no one has any excuse for not succeeding, remember the crucial piece of the story.  She had help.  She had a community behind her that was willing to step up and give her a hand.  She took that help and multiplied it with her efforts to get the outstanding results she received.  When people are in dire straits, the answer is not to cast them adrift and shout from the shore, "Sink or swim, baby!"  Give them the tools, help with the means, and let them apply the effort.

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