Friday, February 1, 2013

it's a wonder-filled life

Happy February!

I've decided to celebrate my birthMONTH this year by focusing on positivity! I'm looking for good things and good people to talk about, and one thing that makes me very happy is a new addition to our family: an adorable granddaughter.  Yep, I gotta brag!

I got to spend a few days helping out--wrangling a toddler, making meals, cleaning up the kitchen...just whatever was helpful, hopefully!

He's starting to put a couple of words at a time together, so when I'd come in to get him out of bed in the morning, he'd say, "Hi! ...  'maama."  And I'd say, "Hi!  ...  Wyatt." Then he'd copy me. "Hi. Wyatt." And when I snorted at something on TV because I thought it was funny, he snorted, too, right after me.   When I was in the kitchen baking, I said, "What the HECK!?" And a little voice came out of the other room..."HECK!"

Laugh? Oh, I laughed at that kid.

He's 21 months old, and little sister Mackenzie? She is still as new as a shiny penny.  They are a little farther apart than my first two kids were, but it still brings back memories.  Life is taking off like a rocket for them--the next few years will probably go by in a blur, but I will certainly enjoy them.  I'll be cheering them on from here on the sidelines.

And these are the beautiful smiling faces I enjoyed all week!  Love them!  He gets so excited when Momma lets him hold the baby...he just giggles and kicks his feet and smiles from ear to ear.  How innocent and precious.  Oh my.

Thanks for letting me share in the fun, momma Mel!

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