Friday, February 15, 2013

they CAN get along!

How cool is this?! And I bet these Huskies won't be cat chasers or cat killers, either.  Teach them while they're young.  :)

It's my favorite thing when everyone just gets along. I used to say that to the kids all the time: I want you guys to just. get. along! I told them they're going to be siblings forever, so they better be nice to each other when they're young so they'll still be friends when they're older.

I don't know how well my logic worked--they were kids, for crying out loud. They don't think the same way adults do. But I sure explained it to them in great detail until they were probably sick to death of hearing it. And then when they still didn't listen, they got hug breaks. It made me feel better, but I hear now that they hated them. Hmmm...good incentive to stop fighting with your sibling. Your mom will make you stand there and hug the person you are the most mad at in the world right now. It's cracking me up still!

I have to laugh at this video when the momma cat keeps cleaning the puppy in front of her as it is sleeping, and its leg keeps twitching like it's trying to scratch. Puppies are so funny!

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