Monday, April 1, 2013

spring fever

Wow, a whole month just slipped away without blogging.    I'm sitting here, just thinking about how that could happen so quickly.  Between new babies, expectant mamas (not me!!  just want to be perfectly clear about that), sewing projects, gender reveal parties, shopping excursions, and what have you, the month of March is gone!   It came in like a lion--a huge blustery snowstorm, and it went out like a lamb yesterday.  Just a whimper of wind and snow.  Spring is right around the corner, here in Minnesota!  I heard some new birds singing this morning outside in the pine trees.  New for this spring, that is.  I'm used to just hearing the chickadees with their cheerful songs.

That reminds me of a little poem I used to say all the time:

Spring is here
Spring has sprung
The bird is on the wing
My, my, how absurd
I thought the wing was on the bird

Yeah, kinda corny.  I'm a word geek--I love to play with words.  Only I didn't play with very many words in March.  I'm still baffled by that.

Ah, well.  For everything there is a season...I think it's homework season at my house right now.  Yep...I'm still taking classes.  Tuition remission is a terrible thing to waste!  =o)  I'm in the middle of my first creative writing class, and it's like playing for credit.  I'll be sad to see it end.

Huh.  I'm kinda seeing where all my words went, now.  Haha!!

But this little video is a perfect antidote to a tired Monday: kitten fever!  Not that I would be in a position to get a kitten any time soon, but this one is irresistible.  It's short, but so sweet!