Wednesday, June 4, 2014

add me to the people who rant about Amazon

It's probably my own fault.  I decided to trade in a textbook to Amazon.  I should have known better.

To make a long story shorter, when you trade books in, they give you a shipping label and you slap it on your package and UPS it out of town.  They get it, and you get credit you can spend on Amazon.  Easy peasy, right?  Well, not so fast...

So I can see from the tracking that my package was received last week.  However, when I look in my account options, it still says it is in transit and has not been received.  I expected to wait a couple of days for that, but my patience has run out.  I'm tired of waiting.  I had no clean patience pants to put on this morning, so on my lunch hour, I set out to get to the bottom of this.

Unfortunately, the deeper I dug, the murkier it got.  All I got out of it was hot and bothered, and a wasted lunch hour.  I;ll let you in on the very enlightening chat conversation here.

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Me:  Can you tell me why my trade in book (TRN-*******-*******) still says not rec'd, but was marked delivered and signed for on 5-30-2014? (5 days ago)

Pankaj:  Hello, my name is Pankaj. I'll be happy to help you.  May have the trade in number please?

Me:  It is listed above ^^

Pankaj:  Please allow me minute or two, while I check this for you.

Me:  sure  [allow you minute or two, Pankaj?  …clearly Pankaj is not working in the US]

Pankaj:  Thanks for waiting. The current status of trade-in is received. Even though tracking says it's been delivered, the receiving merchant may not have started processing your trade-in or marked it as received.

It looks like the merchant has received your submission but is still processing it.
If your submission is accepted by the merchant, Amazon Gift Card funds in the amount of the quoted trade-in value for your item(s) will be automatically deposited in your account within two business days. We cannot send cash or a check for your trade-in.
I will suggest you to please wait for 2 days more, you will be credited with gift card.

Me:  I know that. I just don't understand why it says that the status is "Not received/Still in transit"

Pankaj:  I am sorry as I said it might be possible 5the merchant is still processing it.

Me:  I thought the merchant would take two days to process it and mark it received and then it would be two more days before it gets credited my amazon account. It's very frustrating to have to wait so long.  Who is the merchant? I thought I traded it in to Amazon

Pankaj:  I understand and apologizes for that.

Me:  how can I contact the merchant then?

Pankaj:  If you want I can issue promotional credit for same amount right now?

Me:  What does that mean?

Pankaj:  It will automatically apply on your next purchase for shipped and sold by amazon items only.  It will automatically apply on your next order for shipped and sold by amazon items. If the promo will be issued you will not get gift card.  Please make sure it will not apply on seller item or fulfilled by amazon items.  I understand I am sending a confirmation email to you that you will get the gift card within next 2 business days.

Me:  Who is the merchant? How do I contact them?

 Pankaj:  I am sorry only we can email to merchant.

Me:  Are you referring to the credit from the merchant in the next two days or the promo? Because I am not interested in the promo.  Are you going to email the merchant then?

Pankaj:  I will transfer a form to our gift card team to issue gift card as soon as possible for your trade in.

Me:  Are you going to contact the merchant?

Pankaj:  Yes.

Me:  How will I know what you find out from the merchant?

Pankaj:  You need not worry about it, I can send you a confirmation email regarding this.  Once the gift card will be issued, we will send you a confirmation email. [I “need not worry” about it???  Don't patronize me.  And your credibility is falling faster than the barometer in a typhoon.]

Me:  I am worried about it. This is not going the way Amazon says it will happen. Amazon does not say that the merchant can take an undetermined amount of time to mark the package received before the credit is issued, but that is what seems to be happening here. I am not trying to be unreasonable. I appreciate your help, but when you say that you will tell your gift card team to issue it as soon as possible, that does not reassure me because Amazon already said that, and it is not happening. This is not okay. I still don't have a timeline I can count on, even though my package was delivered five days ago. Five days.

Pankaj:  Some times it may take 5-8 days to process and thanks for understanding. I am really sorry for this inconvenience you experienced.  I am forwarding your comments to our concern team and they will work on this.  I assure you it will never happen again.

Me:  I appreciate the information but I am still not happy. This was a waste of my time. I've spent half an hour with you and nothing has changed, I have no guarantee that it will change, and in fact you are telling me that it could be another 3 to 5 days MORE before I see a credit, and I can't even contact the merchant to ask them about my package. This is not okay.  I appreciate your kindness but your reassurance does nothing to increase my confidence.

Pankaj:  I am sorry for this, please tell me what I can do right now for this? [Here, my eyes bug out, and I start practicing my deep breathing technique to stay calm.]

Me:  Why can't you issue me a non-promo credit now?  You can clearly see that it was received.  Why are you only offering me a promo credit?

Pankaj:  I love to do that for you but I am unable to issue gift card. If you want I can transfer you to my Supervisor. We can only issue promotional credit.

Me:  What could your supervisor offer that you cannot? You already know what I want, and you have told me I can't have it. I can't have the contact information for the merchant. You can't give me the credit. And you can't tell me when the book will be marked received or when I will be issued a credit for the trade-in.

Pankaj:  You will get credit within 2 business days.

Me:  Can your supervisor do any of those things? If so, then yes, please transfer me. If not, then no. I do not want to be transferred.

Pankaj:  Let me transfer this for better help.  Please wait.
Your chat is being transferred now, Thanks for your patience.

Pankaj from is online
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Danish from

Danish:  Hello, my name is Danish. I am a member of leadership team here at [“Danish”???  I’m chatting with "Danish" now?   I’m LOL now because I immediately thought of Phoebe giving Rachel a massage as “Ikea”, the Swedish masseuse.  Danish.  My eye.]

Me:    hello

Danish:  I am sorry to know that you have not received a credit for trade in.

I can see we received your trade in on May 30th. I will suggest you to wait till 6th June.  We can't apply a gift card until this time frame is passed.  [My Rage-O-Meter has just gone from 0 to 90 in two seconds flat.  Before I was just annoyed.  Now I've gone over the cliff.]

Me:  You're kidding me, right? Pankaj already suggested that.  She transferred me here so you could tell me the same thing???

Danish:  I can understand he offered you a promotion credit however it will take 3-5 business days (after sending to gift card team).  [Pankaj is a HE???]

Me:  I do NOT want a promotion credit. Do NOT issue promo credit. This is an incredible waste of time.

I have nothing further to say here. Good day.

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